The Making Of / Behind the Scenes

Voice of America: Lowell Thomas and the Rise of Broadcast News has 24 interviews with broadcast journalists and historians. While many of these interviews were filmed at the Explorer's Club in New York, others were in keeping with the globe trotting nature of Lowell Thomas. Interviews were filmed across the globe, from England, to Alaska, and to India and beyond. “Team Thomas”, (Anne Donaghy, Rick Moulton, Mitch Stephens , David Wright, and Jo Keller), also retraced Lowell Thomas's 1949 overland expedition across Tibet to Lhasa as part of the production. 

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Team Thomas Gangz Tibet
Rick Moulton & Dan Rather
Bob Edwards of NPR
Lowell & Potolla
Anne and the Dali Lama
Crew with Tom Brokaw
Anne T Donaghy
Team Thomas on the river